Zoe Zimick

Systems & Society


Zoe Zimick is a designer that specializes in creating clothing that is equally comfortable, fashionable, and dynamic, with a specific interest in knit fabrics. Zoe’s design strategy is deeply rooted in her own personal style, as well as her past as a competitive dancer and 6+ years of experience working in the fitness industry. She prioritizes the wearer’s experience in her designs, and creates clothing that is made to fit the body comfortably and allow for freedom of movement, without compromising aesthetics. Often inspired by activewear, dancewear, and loungewear, Zoe strives to shorten the gap between leisure and fashion even further, and believes that clothing should be made to fit the body, rather than bodies being made to fit clothing.

The average American screen time is 7 hours a day. 7 hours spent focusing on others. Heightened screen time is proven to be positively correlated with rises in depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and a multitude of other issues, yet, we still allow these apps to control 7 hours of our daily lives. “Self Awareness” is a collection that aims to facilitate the reconnection of the body and the mind, compromised by the oversaturation of social media in today’s technological culture. Through using different methods to intentionally provide bodily sensation and stimulation, such as drawstrings, cutouts, jewelry, hardware, comfortable fabrications to allow for free movement, and textiles that illustrate the internal body, designer Zoe Zimick allows each garment to be an experience for the wearer that will hopefully create a renewed sense of peace and bodily awareness through the simple act of dressing.