Ramisa Zara Rouf

Systems & Society


DENIM SHENIM is a visionary initiative aiming to redefine waste management within Bangladesh's Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry, the second largest in the world. This project targets the 2% of production waste—substantial in a country producing millions of garments annually—transforming them into valuable creative resources. At its core, DENIM SHENIM is building a vibrant community and platform that unites Bangladeshi artists and designers in a shared mission to creatively repurpose RMG waste. By offering a collaborative workspace, DENIM SHENIM not only fosters sustainable design practices but also supports the preservation of local crafts threatened by industrial expansion.
The initiative's future plans include partnering with the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) to amplify its impact, aiming to develop industry-wide strategies to minimize waste production right from the roots. Through these efforts, DENIM SHENIM is not only tackling environmental issues but also nurturing a culture of sustainability and creativity, making it a beacon of change in the textile industry.

The RMG Industry in BANGLADESH

Bangladesh produces about $40 billion worth of garments annually. But not all of it gets to leave the country.
About 2-5% of the total production is considered waste. But even 2% can be a lot.
Image: RMG factory warehouse
Image: During leftover sorting
Image: Happy participants


Ramisa Zara Rouf is a multimedia artist and designer based in Dhaka and New York City. Her upbringing in Bangladesh, surrounded by the Ready-Made-Garments (RMG) industry, has shaped her passion for culturally rooted sustainable systems design. Ramisa’s academic journey at Parsons School of Design, particularly in the Systems and Society pathway of Fashion Design, has profoundly influenced her approach to fashion as a medium of active problem-solving. She is currently engaged in building DENIM SHENIM, an initiative that reflects her commitment to sustainable practices. Besides fashion, Ramisa is an avid artist, skilled in painting, illustration, and graphic design, all of which enrich her multifaceted creative perspective.