Diego McElroy Sein

Systems & Society


An end-to-end modular clothing system creating circular solutions for post-consumer garments. Intercambio works exclusively with end-of-life garments, the most urgent challenge for the fashion industry to solve. Sourced in collaboration with Helpsy.
“There are enough clothes on the planet right now to dress the next six generations of the human race.”
- British Fashion Council


Diego McElroy, a product of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and southern California, grew up immersed in the fashion world, influenced by his parents' industry roles. Transitioning from overlooking fashion's significance to advocating for sustainable change, his Parsons education unveiled the fashion industry's systemic issues. Inspired by the circularity concept, Diego's thesis project implemented end-to-end circular modular design, sourcing garments exclusively from Helpsy. This approach prioritizes minimal waste and interchangeability. Diego envisions a future where sustainability and style harmonize seamlessly, advocating for conscious consumption in fashion.