Agustina Dominguez

Systems & Society


“DAGUSTINA” a Brand created by Latin American Fashion Designer Agustina Dominguez, questions how might we reduce production waste in the fashion industry by using Technology and Zero-Waste pattern-making without compromising aesthetics, in order to reconsider waste in the industry.
By communication and transparency, my brand proposes to give back agency to the designer, combining a more sustainable production (achieved by Zero-waste patternmaking), aesthetics, and size inclusivity. Dagustina believes design is where waste can end.


CLO 3D is a fashion design software that enables working on garments in both 2D and 3D at the same time. This program uses cutting-edge simulation technology to render true-to-life garments. The program is currently used in the physical industry as well as in the virtual industry (NFTs, etc).  Even though it’s been known to reduce material waste through the design and drafting process, many designers opt to dismiss it and continue with the commercial ways of working.
For my Thesis, I developed a methodology informed by my process in order to communicate it. My method of working consists of ten straightforward steps that can be affected by different variables. The method is adapted so that different designers can use it, acknowledging that not everyone’s process is the same. The main difference between the variables is defining the fabric width.
Image: Designer AgustinaDominguez with models.


Coming from Argentina, at 19, I began my studies at Parsons with a significant interest in sustainability, but through the years, while falling in love with conceptual fashion, I focused more on aesthetics and lost the environmentally conscious drive. This project comes to life as a combination of what I love, technology, sustainability, and fashion.