Jiarui Julie Gu

Phygital Fashion

Glass Echos

Do objects have emotions, probably not per se, but they have many new stories because of the connections they make with people, and these stories carry emotions that are unique to each individual. In my growing up experience, old things were very important to me, and the traces of each use cannot be replaced by new ones. That's why I want to make a series about me and the old things in my memories to record these vague but warm memories. From the outside to the inside, from the mottled facade of the old mansion, to the flowery windows covered by the shadows of trees, to the old door covered by beaded curtains, to the glass and wooden table with old photographs, this is a process of coming home from the outside to the inside of the door. I want to express a collection about me, my home, my memories through these objects, by combining them with different new materials, including beads to create soft glass texture, wool, organza, 3d printing wood.etc.
Image: look1 lookbook
Image: look2 lookbook
Image: look3 lookbook
Image: Digital look4 lookbook
Image: Photoshoot 01
Image: Photoshoot 02
Image: Photoshoot 03
Image: Look 2 Window Beading Wood Top Detail
Image: look 3 tree shadow beading top detail
Image: Beading textile development: trying to create "SOFT GLASS" Textile


Jiarui Julie Gu is a fashion designer who graduated from Parsons The New School of Design. With dual bases in NYC and Shanghai, she tries to draw inspirations from both two vibrant cities, infusing her creations with a distinctive international flair.Her endeavor involves seamlessly integrating traditional elements of Shanghai, which have influenced her own growth, with the contemporary essence fostered by NYC. She enjoys exploring traditional crafts, including but not limited to embroidery and beadwork, which require extensive time investment for refinement and creation. She leverages these skills to reinvent and innovate, seeking to express her individual identity through her designs.