Hyunho Ki

Phygital Fashion
Image: Eunhu in Look 2 Geometrical Leather Vest


People are not as honest nowadays as they were before. Social media only portrays the positive sides and their anger, grief, and even vengeance are often not shown through social media. In Korean, a feeling in between sorrow and anger is called “Han”.  I believe that everyone has “Han” inside hidden themselves afraid to show to others. Fashion was always a language to me that is more direct and evident than verbal language. The clothes one wear represents the mood of them, and clothing could be the most direct way of speaking their mood without the distraction of speaking a single word.
Through Collecion “H:AN (한)”, people could show their inner Han by wearing the garments that are portrayed of their hidden emotions. In my collection “H:AN (한)”, I would like to encourage people to be more honest about their emotions with the help of a different glance of fashion. By emphaszing the importance of emotional honesty, I am hoping to see a world where people would not be shamful of their scars but to stylize it and overcome the difficulties.
Video: Design: Hyunho Ki
Image: Complete Digital Line Up Look 4, Look 2, Look 1, Look 3, Look 5
Image: Progress Spread
Image: Progress Spread
Image: Progress Spread
Image: Samuel in Look 1 Bleached Tailored Vest
Image: Samuel in Look 2 Geometric leather vest, Eunhu in Look 2 Bleached Denim w leather strap pants
Image: Eunhu and Samuel in Look 2, Digital rendering of look 2
Image: Eunhu in Look 2 Bleached Denim w leather strap pants
Image: Looks 3,4,5 in digital space fully rendered in CLO3D


HYUNHO Ki is a designer and artist born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, currently residing in NYC. He graduated from Parsons The News School of Design as a BFA fashion design major. Fashion to HYUNHO is a language that is unspoken but portrays a meaning. His work reflects the inner thoughts of the designer, and the wearer and his aesthetic influences comes from the unification of the two cultures he is based off of. To HYUNHO, clothing could be the most direct expression of emotions to the viewers. One sees the clothes first before encountering a conversation in most cases.

His most recent collection, H:AN, is a prime example of his conceptual and spiritual approach in fashion. The collection deals with a Korean term “Han” which comprehensively includes an ambiguous emotion in between anger and grief. He believes that a different form of “Han” exists in every soul but is often hidden and afraid to show explicitly. With the garments of “H:AN” HYUNHO expects one to express their form of “Han” without hesitation with the language of fashion.

HYUNHO is pursuing his ambition as a fashion designer and will move further as a creative innovator that reflects himself and his beliefs in fashion.

Design: Hyunho Ki

Photo: Ryan Chen

Video: Jean Kim

Music: Will Kim

Model: Samuel Lee, Eunhu Lim