Do Eun Kim

Phygital Fashion


My thesis is a fusion of cultures, emotions, and personal growth. My life journey through four countries—Korea, Russia, Canada, and the United States—has given me a unique perspective that I’ve poured into my thesis project. It all comes together to shape who I am, and I combine it with my current self and my logo, O.P.T.Y. 
From adapting to new environments and embracing change, my thesis is a modular collection that empowers wearers to customize their clothing to fit their own needs. This versatility is achieved through features like detachable sleeves, hoods, and transforming bags. The idea is to offer wearers the freedom to design their own experience—just as I have had to navigate through different cultures and adapt to constant change.
Image: Introducing O.P.T.Y- Collection
Video: An introduction to my modular collection combination of physical and rendered digital animation


Image: Research Phase
Image: Initial Sketch
Image: Moodboard and Process
Image: Lineup Sketch
Image: CLO Pattern Process
Image: Garnment Process
Image: Fitting
Image: Full Lineup
Image: Look Lineup
Image: Look 1 different versions
Image: Digital Look Lineup
Image: Render 5 Looks together


Do Eun Kim is a creative individual who is passionate and eager about the realms of fashion and digital. Having lived in Korea, Russia, Canada, and the US, Do Eun’s multicultural experiences have significantly influenced her unique identity and granted her a deep understanding of diverse cultures. Her aesthetic views on design reflect these varied influences, offering a rich tapestry of ideas. Do Eun's creative process starts off with looking back at herself and the life she has gone through. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences, cultural heritage, and the beauty she encounters in everyday life.  

Beyond her passion for fashion, Do Eun is also interested in the fields of technology, graphic design, and media. She merges these fields with her fashion sensibilities, bringing a distinctive, multifaceted perspective to her projects. In essence, Do Eun is an enthusiast of various creative industries whose curiosity and determination allow her to explore new horizons, challenge conventional boundaries, and breathe life into her imaginative visions.