Coco Lu Xinman

Phygital Fashion


"FEMIROTICA" is a digital fashion product collection that includes one garment look alongside 15 3D-printed pieces, patterned in CLO3D and modeled in Rhino. Named to reflect the intersection of "femininity" and "erotica," the collection draws inspiration from the erotic depiction of feminine bodily forms in contemporary sculptures and the expressive performances of vogue femme dance from ballroom culture. FEMIROTICA celebrates the autonomy and sexuality of the queer and feminine body, delving into the interplay of elegance, femininity, and eroticism.
This collection contrasts hard and soft elements—soft bodily shapes are reimagined into hard 3D-printed pieces with chrome plating finishes, challenging traditional binary ideologies.
The aesthetic inspiration comes from the sculptures of Louise Bourgeois and Constantin Brancusi, as well as the surrealist photography of Man Ray. And the design process involved capturing dynamic movements from vogue femme dances by extracting frames from dance videos, overlaying them to trace the dancers' hand positions, and connecting these points to map the trajectory of their movements. This mapping was transformed into 2D drawings and evolved into 3D spatial forms represented by singular lines. Furthermore, the study of how dancers emphasize their feminine forms through body positioning inspired the abstraction of these shapes into figurines, which evolved into some of the jewelry pieces in the collection.
FEMIROTICA not only pushes the boundaries of fashion design but also serves as a vibrant tribute to the spirit and resilience of queer culture.

Creative Director: Coco Lu Xinman
Videographer: Ketevan Kirvalidze
Talent: Kathy Babylon
Assistant: Jazz Wong
Music: WARFACE Licensed by Capital Kaos

Line Up

Accessories modeled in Rhino
Images rendered in CLO3D
Image: Body Cuff
Image: Spin Cuff
Image: Realness Ear Stud
Image: Spin and Dip Earring
Image: Neck Orbit
Image: Fem Ring
Image: Realness Ring
Image: Catwalk Ring
Image: Spin Pendant
Image: Femme Pendant
Image: Catwalk Pendant
Image: Realness Pendant
Image: Bra and Waistband and Skirt
Image: Waistband and Skirt


Creative Director: Coco Lu Xinman
Photographer: Ketevan Kirvalidze
Model: Kathy Babylon
Assistant: Jazz Wong


Coco Lu Xinman is a fashion designer with a multicultural background, currently exploring themes of femininity, eroticism, and sexuality in their work. Drawing inspiration from contemporary arts and deeply influenced by the Dada and Surrealist movements, they challenge and expand the boundaries of traditional fashion.

Passionate about using technology for design visualization, Coco blends elegance with modern techniques. Their portfolio includes clothing, uniquely designed jewelry, and fashion accessories. Known for their distinctive style and creative vision, Coco is a dedicated designer devoted to envisioning tomorrow’s fashion in the digital realm.