Clarissa Rubin

Phygital Fashion


My grandmother taught me how to knit, and sew- she’s been my biggest inspiration. When I spoke to her about her art, she undervalued her work, brushing it off as craft. Recognizing this pattern in myself and others, I aimed to address it with a modern solution- a way to empower and connect the new generation of makers.
 I partnered with a coder, Christian Rodriguez, to create Knit Net; a new social media sharing and tracking platform for young fiber artists. Currently, we have 145 users posting and journaling their projects. Throughout the year, I hosted knit circles where I worked on my accompanying collection and taught others crochet. I further worked on CLO 3D and Style 3D to curate my collection, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technology. Through building this community, I found ways to challenge the undervaluation of craft and lift up fiber artists around me.  


I am Clarissa Rubin- a fashion designer and visual artist from Pennsylvania. Throughout my time at Parsons, my projects centered around knitwear, craft, and building community. My thesis delves into my artistic ideals, creating a new digital space for young craftspeople. The accompanying collection is free hand crochet and knitwear pieces physically made and digitally rendered with CLO and Style 3d.

Following graduation, I am starting a new path as a bridal stylist at Kleinfeld Bridal and am so excited to start my journey meeting designers and learning a new side of the fashion industry.