Victoria Marie Soares



Save my Bones in the Box Under Your Bed explores the intimate relationships between humans and the natural world, recontextualizing them through handcrafted textiles. My deep connection to nature stems from my Portuguese heritage where farm culture and living off the land is seen as invaluable. I wanted to create my own mythology that represents these sentimental relationships between humans, plants, and animals.
Image: Hand-embroidered broderie anglaise overalls made from deadstock denim. Embellished with vintage beads/buttons highlighting the fish-flower-antler mythology. Paired with a rearranged doily bib top with tiled denim sleeves with corner mythology technique.
Image: Hand knit sweater with fairisle "tiles". Hand-dyed yarns sourced from local mills. Paired with rearranged doily short with vintage trim and mock blanket-stitch embroidery. Styled with hand-painted ceramic tile earrings.
Image: Rearranged doily top with denim/doily pleated mini skirt and detatchable chaps. All fully embroidered by hand with mythological elements.
Image: Upcycled denim vest using corner mythology tiling technique. Paired with rearranged doily dress with blue corner mythology.
Image: Tile dress with azulejo-inspired mythology embroidery. Made from an upcycled tablecloth and vintage trims, paired with hand-stamped ceramic necklace.
Image: Hand-knit pointelle sweater with vintage embellishments. Paired with broderie anglaise deadstock denim skirt. Styled with hand-painted ceramic earrings and ceramic belt.


Victoria Marie looks to produce clothes that bring a modern edge to traditional craft and making. With a focus on embroidery, denim, and knitwear, her inspiration often pulls from her Portuguese/Azorean background, paying homage to the slower making methods valued within that culture. All materials used are sourced second hand or using a “farm-to-closet” method, with each garment intended to be lived in for years to come, passed down from generation to generation and held close to heart.

Photography: Elena Saviano

Talent: Ella Springer, Ana Pacheco, Santana Jimenez, Harah Clinch, Lara Vainqueur, Jilli Jones