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My thesis collection perpetual bloom is a tangible expression of my vigorous pursuit for elaborate details, and homage to sophisticated craftsmanship.I have always been captivated by the precious artifacts and antiques. The meticulous details, including varied openwork of metal wires and the embedded jewels are imbued with an unwavering dedication to creation, which continuously inspires me.
The entire collection is manufactured using custom developed knit textiles which manifested my obsessive focus on craftsmanship, and showcased my experimental approach to materials and colors. Each piece is exclusive with a refined couture sensibility, like a wearable jewelry.I think of knitting and beading as a meditation process. Each knitted bead is mindfully selected by myself, and hand-applied onto the knit stitch, sometimes it would take weeks to finish one large piece.On the basis of traditional crafting techniques, I incorporated unconventional knitting materials, such as metal chains and natural dyed fabric strips. The juxtaposition of twining the rigid metal chain and the soft fibre together formed an intriguing surface texture and visual experience.

-close up of the details-


I was born in Harbin, China, then moved to Beijing when I was 10. While growing up in such a historical environment, Beijing exposed me to numerous monuments and art treasures, which guided me to gain a strong interest in the craftsmanship behind these antiquities.

I came into contact with machine knitting during Y3, and I then realized my passion for textile creation. I am dedicated to machine knitting since it allowed me to incorporate beading with threads intricately, and be able to continuously explore new interactions between the two. Its endless variations and uncertain outcomes always fascinate me.

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