Semi Park


tHe ouTeR worLd DoES nOt ProViDe

Through the act of collecting igniting the remnants of one's childhood reimagined into a playful print collection, my thesis explores why humans enjoy collecting in connection to a longing for the past and healing the inner child. Collecting is a human instinct; a way to not only bring order but also trigger nostalgia and memories. Once the outer world fails to satisfy one's needs, the collector tends to look towards various trinkets and artifacts to generate their own reality, creating a feeling of connection through collection.
Utilizing prints and surface techniques, the collector's world becomes characterized by the various layers of screen print, puff, spray paint trompe l'oeil, and the amalgamation of vibrant prints and colors. In addition, the silhouettes which layer on top of each other, intend to nod at the way children spontaneously create their outfits when left to their own vices.


Semi Park is a designer who finds interest and happiness in the childish ways of life. Inspired by the imaginative world of toys and a longing to heal her inner child, Semi's designs are playful, colorful, and textural. She creates garemnts that evoke the cherished memories of childhood with a sense of wonder and joy. Beyond a designer, Semi is also a helpless collector of toys and trinkets which serves as a reminder the magic of youth and power of imagination. Through her designs and collectinos, Semi seeks to capture the essence of childhood nostalgia, inviting others to embrace the wonder of simpler times.