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Lesbian Bars have been rapidly declining in the United states from 200 to 20 nationwide. There is no explanation for why this occurs, whether it is because they are losing business due to being considered just "Lesbian" or now a wider variety of queer bars that exist and anyone can go into. Regardless coming to NYC I was able to fully explore and express my sexuality most dearly when I would come to Lesbian Bars like Henrietta Hudson and Cubbyhole. Being in those bars made me feel at home and I have the fondest memories of bringing friends from home, making new friends and connections, and feeling at my most comfortable state in these spaces.
Image: This is the screen print design I collaged and printed on my textiles. I captured 200 photos between Cubbyhole and Henrietta Hudson. Within my textiles I was able to capture the essence of the bars, different elements within my collection pay tribute to aspects of the clubs.
Image: Look #4
Image: Look #3
Image: Look #6
Image: Look #5
Image: Look #2
Image: Look #1:
Illustrated lineup all drawn by hand using colored pencil and markers.
Image: Look #2: The piñatas in this garment are handmade using lesbian symbolism and to bring the memorabilia of trinkets and collectibles that are usually found in queer households. The piñatas resemble the piñatas in Cubbyhole bar.
Image: Look #1 and Look #2 at the DJ booth at Henrietta Hudson
Image: Look #1: Swarovski crystrals embellished on iridescent purple mesh. From hips down the mesh is screenprinted with metallic silver ink using the disco ball screen design. Dress corsetted in the back.
Image: Look #5: Transformable jumper that buckles in the hips and mid calf. The bottom part of the pants is removable as well as the pants as a whole. The screen print collage of the bars is printed all over the pants. The buttons are clasps on the bodice and are embellished with heat color changing resin faces. The whole suit is black light reactive.
Image: Look #4: The dress is embellished with flourescent pink ribbon, crystals, and resin faces. The ribbon imitates the LED lighting in a lot of queer spaces usually in LED signage or on the ceilings of the clubs. The poncho contains the imagery of the collaged screen print design.
Image: Look #3: The faces embellished on the dress are made using resin and thermochromic powder that changes color with heat. This alludes to how packed and warm the bars get especially given that with reduced Lesbian bars make the ones left more packed. The heat and sweat are a given in these spaces and the faces on this dress pay tribute to that detail within the experience.
Image: Look #6: This design is specifically made for performers and strippers at the club. This image was taken in Henrietta Hudson where the stripper goes up and dances every Friday and Saturday. The skirt was designed based on teh design of scissors and its prominent symbolism within the Lesbian community.
Image: Final Lineup outside Henrietta Hudson
Image: Sammy Dreibelbis is a multidisciplinary queer Fashion Designer and Textile Designer based in NYC originally from Miami, FL. As a fine artist with strong talent in painting and illustration, Sammy finds joy in doing all processes whether fashion illustrations or flats and technical drawings by hand. Sammy's intentions are to create inclusivity within Fashion Design, and breaking the boundaries of gender within clothing. Creating clothes that are transformable and adaptable to ever changing bodies. Sammy's designs were shown during NYFW in Spring 2024 at House of Yes in Brooklyn, NY. This gave Sammy the opportunity to have their garments used in performance wear which included gogo dancers in cages, alongside other performances throughout the night.


My collection is made for anyone of any Gender Identity, furthermore are considered for performance wear at the clubs given that a lot of queer bars host drag nights, strippers, and gogo dancers.
Models: Kayla Rask, Renata Camiletti, Sam Davis, Shelby Toni Tse, Thomas Koenings, Zoe Fustgard.

Makeup, Photography: Sammy Dreibelbis

Videos taken by: Mahayla Meyer