Manaal Khan

Image: Collages That Began The Design Process
Image: Fusing Disparate Concepts - Islamic Architecture With Brutalism
Image: Carved Wooden Block Print Inspired By Bahraini Door
Image: Look 1 - Mirrorwork | Wool Skirt Overlayed With Chiffon Top
Image: Laser Cut Leather Chainmail Inspired by Mughal Armour, Wooden Block Print Inspired by Bahraini Door
Image: Scaled Up Shisha (Mirror) Embroidery
Image: Geometric Shapes Taken From Islamic Architecture, Translated into Minimalist Print Engraved Into Leather
Image: Look 2 - Laser Cut Leather, Leather Chainmail & Blockprint | Poplin Button Down with Silk Wool Trousers
Image: Look 3 - Leather Engraving, Shisha (Mirror) Embroidery | Shearling Lined Leather Jacket With Organza Trousers
Image: Textile Developed By Combining Mirrorwork & Bandhani Tying Technique
Image: Look 4 - Mirror Bandhani | Silk Jersey Dress
Image: Textile Developed By Creating 3D Collage From Photograph of Buildings In New York & Islamic Architecture In Lahore
Image: Look 5 - Textile Collage and Appliqué | Silk Jersey Dress, Poly Georgette & Duchess Satin Appliqué
Image: Look 6: Leather Chainmail Detail, Mukaish Embroidery | Poplin Blouse over Embroidered Denim Trousers


As a multicultural artist and fashion designer, Manaal Khan embodies a fusion of Pakistani, American, and Bahraini influences, crafting a narrative that delves deep into identity, belonging, religion and culture. Her creations are a testament to the importance of syncretism, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of overlapping cultures. In her work, you'll find a symphony of colors, techniques, and architectural motifs seamlessly blended to evoke a sense of connection, belonging and appreciation. Through her designs, she seeks to juxtapose tradition with innovation, softness with structure; challenge perceptions, and ignite a dialogue about the preservation of tradition in a rapidly evolving world. Each piece is a homage to the past, a celebration of heritage, and a catalyst for forging a harmonious and creatively vibrant future.