KoKo Hsieh

Image: the serene beauty of water stains, turning flaws into accidental beauty.
Image: gloomy patches, overshadowed, my dissatisfied memory.
Image: the illusion of water stains, to let the imperfections in life slide off.
Image: where is the flaws?
Image: the flaws i've observed. with the crystals of beauty and strength.
Image: reimagining the imperfection.

Drawing inspiration from the serene allure of water stains, my design philosophy celebrates imperfections in a playful yet sophisticated manner, redefining beauty in its most raw and genuine form. My creations highlight imperfections with elegance, featuring visible physical flaws such as blunt scissor-cut edges and patchwork, turning these into accidental elements of beauty.

Crystals play a pivotal role in reinterpreting imperfections, symbolizing the transient beauty of water stains on fabric. When my mom fixed a flaw with patchwork, concealing it, I felt a lingering dissatisfaction, believing that true perfection is found in replacing what is broken with something new. Crystals, with their multifaceted nature, refract light from various angles, creating mesmerizing visual effects. This inclusion adds a touch of brilliance and vibrancy, transforming imperfections into moments of vivid splendor. To elevate the ordinary into an exquisite spectacle, the use of crystals is essential.
Image: turning water stains to beads
Image: how to tuck and release the fabric


"I found a hollow stone on a rainy day; the hollow was filled with water. As light and shadow pass through the water, these three looks cohesively together inside the shape, making the stone look more vigorous."

This moment encapsulates Koko’s design ethos, driven by a desire for elegance and calm. Her garments are not mere clothing but expressions of self and conduits for emotional resonance. Utilizing the delicate balance of light, shadow, and space, her designs evoke empowerment, comfort, and confidence, each piece a testament to tranquility and a refined aesthetic that connects deeply with wearers.

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