Kayla Dantz

Image: ALBUM, look 1 (welcome to the collection)


Inspired by archived family photos from the 1970s that highlight the prominence of plaid and graphic t-shirts, I discovered that using methods of “inlay” can work to create new textile dynamics and tension which reestablishes the remembrance of my ancestors and redefines those classic patterns and wardrobe staples from 1970s America.
Both plaid and the physical makeup of a woven fabric represent connections and transitions. This project highlights these semiotics at a deeper level, calling out my documented family relationships and questioning the transition of generations as these images are interpreted in more subtle and graphic ways. Through research and materiality exploration, this project showcases “inlaying” the images through hand-woven plaids and other hand-woven renderings of the original photographs with careful consideration of locally sourced, and in some cases, recycled materials. Although many colors and fabric choices were a direct response to the clothes worn in the archived images, silhouette outcomes were primarily a result of the relaxed mood of the photos as well as '90s music and fashion inspirations, creating a more contemporary feel and highly comfortable, gender-neutral garments.
Image: LOOK 1: hand-painted/hand-woven framed denim skirt paired with hand-woven plaid intarsia long sleeve v-neck plunge worn over an embroidered vintage t-shirt
Image: LOOK 2: hand-woven photo print shorts paired with hand-woven plaid intarsia t-shirt
Image: LOOK 3: hand-woven plaid intarsia capri pants paired with low zip denim shirt worn over an embroidered vintage t-shirt
Image: LOOK 4: hand-woven photo print t-shirt paired with boxer-waist denim pants
Image: LOOK 5: hand-painted/hand-woven framed denim t-shirt paired with hand-woven plaid intarsia skirt
Image: LOOK 6: hand-woven plaid intarsia v-neck plunge dress worn over embroidered vintage t-shirt


Thank you to everyone who's helped me accomplish this body of work.

Thank you to my family who documented their lives and passed on so many beautiful moments that will live on in a new way through this collection.
Special thanks to my models:

Lydia Magiannis @lydiamagiannis
Kyle Campos
Beverly Dantz

For inquiries email me: kayladantz@gmail.com
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Kayla Dantz is a womenswear, menswear, and textile designer from Southborough, Massachusetts. Her work is influenced by her close-knit family as well as her love for and experience with photography. Over the course of her undergraduate years at Parsons School of Design, she has fallen in love with hand-made textiles and craft, learning and working in knit, weaving, and jewelry. Her work reflects something she would wear herself, bridging comfortability and individualism. She specializes in creating multidisciplinary pieces, often combining film and digital images, painting/fine art, and traditional fiber arts, while remaining conscious of and connected to her communities and environment.