Jing Jenny Wang


Modular Knitwear with Mycelium

This project explores the potential of mycelium, the root network of fungi, as a sustainable alternative to seaming in modular design, focusing on the creation of mycelium buttons for garment application and the development of hybrid-knit textiles. The objective of the project is to pioneer mycelium's integration into eco-textile development and to foster intentional design practices.
In the evolving landscape of biodesign, there is a growing imperative for interdisciplinary approaches. The fabrication of these textiles and garments is a collaborative endeavor, occurring both in the laboratory and the studio, encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration between the material, designers, and researchers. “Modular Knitwear with Mycelium” challenges prevailing paradigms within fashion design through an experimental, playful, and pioneering lens to encourage a deeper understanding of eco-textile integration within and beyond the fashion sphere. 
Image: Knit samples for modular joining
Image: Variation of garment as top
Image: Mycelium-knit hybrid textile on 100% cotton yarn
Image: Mycelium buttons for garment application
Image: Left (top to bottom): Microscopic images at 40x, 100x, and 400x
Right (top to bottom): Mycelium-knit hybrid textile on 100% cotton yarn, mycelial growth experiments on petri dishes
Image: (Top to bottom, left to right): Designers Alessia Crickette, Elisabed Amiredjibi, Kaitlyn Gillums, and Semi Park applying modular dress on Somalia Knight
Image: Mycelium growth within tubular structure on 72% wool (merino extrafine), 28% washi 2x2 rib swatch
Image: Modular garment joined with mycelium buttons
Image: Modular garment joined with mycelium buttons
Image: Modular garment joined with mycelium buttons


Jing Jenny Wang is a knitwear designer who engages cross-disciplinary pathways within the realm of fashion design. Her primary focus lies in forging symbiotic relationships between science and design, considering living organisms as integral collaborators in biodesign and textile development. 

Jenny aspires to continue her studies with a specialized focus on textile and fiber science. By deepening her understanding and proficiency in this field, she hopes to implement her design practice and knowledge into ecological material development. Jenny endeavors to shape a future where design seamlessly intertwines with science at the fiber and material level, extending into both practice and ideology.