Chen Shi



The inspiration for Chen’s thesis collection stemmed from arms and armor, with a particular focus on the construction and functionality of armor. Chen transformed these visual materials into prints after visiting the MET exhibition to capture photos and create collages. Its objective was to merge the concept of arms with contemporary elements, achieved through applying screen-printing and heat press techniques on diverse fabrics. This creative process resulted in the creation of visually striking illusions of modern armor.
The wearable pieces, specially tailored for females, were intended to equip individuals for their real-life "battlefields". These creations serve not only as fashion statements but also as vehicles for expressing boldness, edginess, individuality, self-expression, and a rebellious spirit.


Chen Shi is a creative, visionary fashion designer dedicated to pushing the boundaries of conventionality, celebrating uniqueness and personal style. With expertise in dye techniques and prints, she believes in elevating design by crafting fabrications specifically tailored to different themes and collections. Her creative vision revolves around fashion that boldly and edgily expresses individuality, catering to customers who embrace self-expression and a rebellious spirit.