America Rios Bravo

Image: Inspired by artists like Kimberly Rios Bravo and Emilia Cruz. Their color choices give a sense of vulnerability and femininity. Additionally, this collection pulls inspiration from my grandma's colorful embroidery napkins and talavera motifs which are important aspects of Mexican culture.
Image: My process consisted of looking at family photographs of when they came to the states. I found it interesting to explore their fashion choices. Here you see my mom in Chicago wearing a blue plaid shirt. As a result, I decided to thrift button up shirts and cut them into strips. After, I would weave them to create colorful plaid patterns.
Image: my mom helping me weave
Image: After weaving panels are completed, I finished them off with bias binding. Additionally, my process included draping workwear pants in different ways.
Image: Ideation sketch and final outcome. This look consists of a khaki cotton twill pant jacket with weaved cotton shirting sleeves. The top is also weaved and has a fabric belt to accompany it. The pants are pink cotton twill oversize pants that can be pleated using the braided belt.
Image: Jacket turns into pants
Image: Jacket and Top with khaki skirt
Image: Oversized denim pants and pink button up shirt with pleating
Image: White button up shirt with collars and collar stands at neck, shoulders, and at the bottom of the sleeves. Sleeves have button plackets in order to open the sleeve or close it.
Image: Talavera laser cutting technique. Would become lace at the end of a jacket sleeve
Image: White Weaved Bib Shirt with Black pleated pants (left)
Talavera Laser Cutting Technique of Black Cotton Shirting (right)

Photographer Ashley Melendez
Videoagrapher Aldo Merino
Jemie Castro
Gerardo Cuautle Cuahizo
Lizbeth Orduna
Van Xelo


America Rios Bravo, also known as Ame (ah-meh), is a first-generation Mexican-American Fashion designer who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her designs are intended to communicate the themes of community, duo- culture, family, and nostalgia. Often being influenced by her own experiences of belonging to Mexican and American culture, Ame finds it important to also be influenced by family and friends who share experiences like hers. She does this by collecting family photographs, textiles, and conducting interviews. She also hopes to use fashion as a medium of expression in order to bring awareness to social issues and experiences that affect the communities she is a part of. Ame’s use of color, tailoring, as well as materiality brings a sense of tradition but also individual creativity to the table.