Alessia Crickette



In the embrace of knit, my collection unfolds as a poignant exploration of love letters lost in the echoes of time. "Suspended" delves into the melancholy of one-sided correspondences, where the heart spills its secrets onto paper, yet the response remains shrouded in silence. 
Inspired by the intricate dance of love, my e-wrap knit fabrics meticulously weave together words and paragraphs borrowed from unwritten responses, creating a tangible manifestation of the unspoken. Modern twists breathe life into nostalgic gestures, vividly bridging the gap between the past and the present. Like love itself, the garments take on a dual nature—simultaneously timeless and contemporary. The interplay of materials captures the essence of emotions left hanging in the balance, suspended in time, etched in the fabric of our collective longing. 


Alessia Crickette is a knitwear designer whose work synergizes meaning and contradiction through garments that tell a story of tension through her visual culture. The influence of her Italian identity heavily translates into her work - designs born from conceptualized representations of self. Alessia’s work highlights her innate curiosity and investigation of materiality - specifically knit and crochet- emphasizing her consistent theme of self, codification, and discovery. Through a fusion of eclectic fantasy and unconventional playfulness, each garment and concept is imbued with a sense of enigmatic allure. Alessia’s designs defy convention, daring to challenge the boundaries of traditional fashion with a bold and unapologetic spirit.