Adam Wormhoudt



The repetition of even a simple form can create a complex structure and observing this in the body is the starting point for this work. Inspired by systems of organization, Ribbed is a collection based upon movement of the body, realized through knitwear. This concept originates from a connection between the behavior of muscle fiber and knit, both of which expand and contract to accommodate their surrounding structures. By studying the behavior of varying muscle groups and interactions of the skin during anatomical articulation, this collection responds to fluid movement of the figure and
is achieved through the use of strategically positioned structural knitting consisting primarily of ribs and varying  pleat arrangements. Derived from anatomical reference, specifically that of the musculoskeletal system, the collection exists as a representation and subsequent abstraction of the body. With careful consideration of the body's movement and the inherent resilience afforded by  extendable knits, the resulting garments can be considered by the wearer to be an extension of their own anatomy.


Informed by a fascination with evolution, Adam approaches both the design process and resulting garments as a continuing process of improvement. Clothing exists as an extension of the body and in his practice is treated as an appendage, one which can be altered to suit action and expression. When creating It is critical that garments feel integrated into the function of the wearer for fluid, unobtrusive, and often stylized movement.

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