Zhiyu Xie

Fashion Product
In this project, I aimed to capture the essence of tea culture through seven unique bags made from delicate polyester mesh like organza fabric. In this project, I choose four different colors: bluish-green, light yellow, purple, and dark green. I choose organza for its light and translucent properties, embodies the essence of tea, evoking feelings of purity and clarity. Each bag encapsulates a unique facet of tea culture, elucidating its diverse dimensions. Each bag represents a different part of tea culture, showing its many aspects.
Each bag represents a different aspect of tea culture, drawing inspiration from historical fashion, teapot designs, and the architecture of tea houses. Using my artistic intuition, I transferred these inspirations onto paper, adding vibrant colors to each shape. By combining different shapes in a somewhat accidental way, they came together to create balanced and beautiful designs. Each bag reflects the idea of asymmetrical beauty. Creating harmonious compositions from seemingly disparate elements.
To bring these asymmetrical designs to life, I experimented with various techniques, adapting them to suit the functionality of bags. By draping the designs on myself, I ensured they complemented the human form, merging artistic expression with practicality.
The result is seven bags that blend form and function seamlessly, showcasing the boundless potential of creative expression.Through this project, I invite viewers to explore the diverse facets of tea culture, where tradition meets innovation and beauty merges with utility. Each bag serves as a testament to the enduring influence of tea culture, offering a glimpse into a vibrant and asymmetrical world shaped by centuries of tradition and transformation.