Fashion Product

"Suzhou Garden Aesthetic Fusion: Modern Elegance Inspired by Classical Culture"

The project inspiration comes from the culture of my hometown, Suzhou Gardens. “Suzhou Gardens” are one of the quintessential representatives of classical Chinese garden architecture. Suzhou garden art emphasizes the integration of nature and Chinese classical architecture, so I hope to combine natural elements with Chinese classical architectural structures. The project aims to seamlessly blend the timeless charm of Suzhou's classical garden architecture with contemporary artistry to create fashion products that exude simplicity and sophistication. By infusing elements from Suzhou's iconic gardens, , I intend to craft a collection that not only pays homage to this classical culture but also introduces its beauty to a wider audience.
The vision for this project is to create a fashion line that serves as a bridge between the rich history of Suzhou's garden culture and the modern world. By making these classical aesthetics accessible through contemporary design, I hope to ignite a renewed appreciation for the beauty and craftsmanship that define the Chinese traditional garden style. Through the fusion of ancient elegance and modern simplicity, celebrate and share the enduring legacy of this cultural treasure with a global audience.


Xiaoyan Luo, born in Jiangsu, China, is a fashion accessory designer. She utilizes fashion as both a medium and a canvas to convey her feelings and experiences. Deeply rooted in her connection with nature and culture, Xiaoyan finds inspiration and passion in exploring the realms of self-awareness and self-expression. Fashion serves as a conduit through which sensory experiences, thoughts emotions, and memories converge to guide her self-awareness, self- realization, and self-expression. By seamlessly blending Eastern aesthetics with modern styles and art, she embodies a philosophy of modernism, seeking equilibrium amidst the interplay of strength and gentleness, tradition and innovation, resonating with individuals seeking both sophistication and simplicity.