Stephanie Geng

Fashion Product
Image: Left to Right: Macaroon, Layered Cake, Pudding, Mousse, Canelé, Éclair
Image: Mousse
Image: Pudding
Image: Glazed: Mousse and Pudding
Image: Éclair
Image: Canelé
Image: Puffed: Éclair and Canelé
Image: Layered Cake
Image: Macaroon
Image: Layered Cake and Macaroon


Models: KAT, Yitian Luo
Photography: Cherry Chai, Stephanie Geng
Videography: Cherry Chai, Stephanie Geng
Graphic Design: Joey Pham, Stephanie Geng
Video Editing: Joey Pham
Music By: Irina


Born in Vancouver, Canada, Stephanie is a fashion accessory designer that values both functionality and visuals in her work. When it comes to bringing her designs to life, Stephanie works with a number of crafting techniques such as beading, knitting, and embroidery. She sees every collection as an opportunity for storytelling. The brand StoryBook was created after Stephanie's decision to focus on storytelling through her designs. Stories told through her designs are mostly drawn from the past, and every collection expresses a different aspect of her life, with a focus mainly on her interactions with others that shaped her as a person and a designer.


Instagram: @gengthebear