Naimeng Jing

Fashion Product
Video: Video
Director- Naimeng Jing
Videographer- Naimeng Jing, Shuang Zhou
Model- Katy Ching

As a member of China's young generation, a notable term that emerged this year is"the involuted generation. “This term, known as "Neijuan" in Chinese, is widely used to describe the burnout, ennui, and despair that result from the relentless social competition prevalent in our society.

Drawing inspiration from the stress relief toys,products and art, I began to wonder its potential transformation into fashion products with the idea of “wearing while playing”. This envisioned creation would seamlessly blend elements of the past and future,marrying playfulness with functionality, recalling a childhood nostalgia that ultimately offering a daily therapeutic experience tailored to the young generation.
Image: Moodboards
Image: Research

Design Development

Iterations and Sketches
Image: Prototyping process
Image: Line Up
Image: Fitting photo
Image: Final Products


Photography: Shaohan Fang
Model : Katy Ching
Special Thanks: Shuang Zhou
Xijia Cheng


Naimeng Jing, originally from Shanghai and now based in New York, is a fashion designer who focuses on integrating advanced technology into her work. Embracing 3D modeling, 3D printing, and virtual reality, she crafts immersive experiences that highlight topics around cultural and social. With a deep respect for her Chinese heritage, Naimeng strives to blend historical insights with futuristic technology, creating designs that not only tell compelling stories but also bridge past and future, building connections between the east and west.