Karina Li

Fashion Product

'Let Yourself be Loved' Thesis Statement

Let Yourself be Loved is an ode to my female friendships and the renewal of hope they have given me in my desire to be understood and known. This collection started from an exploration into my fear of being vulnerable and simultaneous longing for intimacy. In realizing that I can only attain intimacy by first embracing the discomfort of vulnerability, I consider the places in which both vulnerability and intimacy have been able to exist only to find that these environments were never places, but people. In the realm of every one of my female friendships, I have been shown over and over again that the safe space I needed to just be is possible. Within every one of my female friendships, I have let myself be loved. My friendships are reflected upon the clutch bags through key themes of embracement, connection and togetherness which are displayed through intertwining details and red as an accent color.


New York based fashion designer Karina Li studied in Parsons The New School of Design where she specialized in the craft of handbags and small leather goods. Often inspired by life and the transience of emotions felt in everyday experiences, she strives to create products that serve as vessels to capture these essences. In reflecting special little moments, she hopes that the story told may be experienced again and again through the use and love of her products. Karina’s work often stems from classic silhouettes with a focus on unique and personal design details and storytelling elements.