Jean Teyavongsak

Fashion Product


What determines or diminishes an object's dynamic state?
This project explores how static objects can be dynamically designed in response to a world characterized by constant change and movement.

My collection is a set of transformable objects designed with the concept of movements in art and design in mind. It focuses on blurring the lines between static and dynamic states. 
Pieces from the collection are crafted as sculptural objects that also function as fashion products. Drawing inspiration from architectural structures and the principles of systemic design, the collection utilizes technology to create interchangeable hardware, enabling countless combination possibilities.

Components within the collection are designed to respond fluidly to physical movement, activating optical dynamics that evolve with the wearer.
main components: 300 pcs -- v-shape hardware
connectors: 600 pcs -- 30mm spring pins
oval gusset

all components are interchangeable

no. of hardware used - size variation
gusset shape - overall shape of object

untitled project represents an exploration of the dynamic potential of fashion design embracing movement, adaptability, and innovation.
Image: optical distortion test on random objects

medium size ipad case:
designed to distort moving images played on the device
model: Dylan Wang
photo by: Sandy Wang


Jean is a New York-based designer with Thai heritage. Constantly moving from city to city since a young age—from Lampang to Auckland, and to New York City—multicultural experiences challenge her creative perspectives and push her to explore. Raised in a family of engineers, Jean's early passion for building objects laid the foundation for her design journey at Parsons.

She spent a year abroad pursuing architectural design, adopting its principles into her creative expressions upon returning. Her design process is experimental, integrating digital tools with contemporary crafts to expand the boundaries of her work.


insta: teyaquarium