Dorothy Huang

Fashion Product
Image: Crafting Calm in the Urban Seascape dives into the chaotic and overpowering urban environment to explore how accessories can serve as personal sanctuaries for everyone. This forms the foundation of my accessories collection, aimed at enhancing individual well-being. Through analyzing the structure of urban landscapes and boats, this study reflects on my experiences and struggles with insecurity and indecisiveness. These complex structures inspire the designs within the collection, which seek to mirror the journey of a boat navigating through turbulent seas. Each piece in the collection delves into the aesthetic and layered traits of boats —enduring symbols of protection and personal growth. The accessories are designed to provide stability and confidence, helping wearers easily navigate the urban chaos and offering a blend of style and sanctuary in the daily hustle of city


Photographer: Wenlu Guo  | Photograph Editor: Wenlu Guo / Han | Designer Assistant: Duan / Jenny / Stephanie Huang
Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist: Yui  |  Assistant: Min  | Models: Lilli Heintz & Samantha Lee
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Image: PRODUCT CODE: #1806.1 (L) / #1806.2 (S)
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Paper & Leather Prototype / Leather Molding Prototype / Playing with Layering / Possible Garment Ideation


A sincere thank you to Parsons School of Design, Professor Aneta Genova, Professor Ulrich Grimm, and the P2 class, the class of 2024, as well as everyone who has helped me along the way.


Dorothy is a New York-based accessories designer with an eye for detail and structural design. She incorporates structured elements into her work, aiming to balance emotional depth with inspiration from her surroundings and personal experiences. From bold statement pieces to versatile essentials, her designs blend form and function with playful touches, emphasizing her dedication to creativity and quality. Her brand, Dortha, was created from her desire to transform everyday encounters into unique designs.