Devi Prajapati

Fashion Product


Threads of time is a collection of accessories that aims to shed light on the forgotten Indian treasures, such as old coins, keys, locks, and other vintage artifacts, that have been concealed from the knowledge of successive generations. While these treasures hold immense cultural and historical significance, they have been relegated to obscurity over time.

The incorporation of these historical artifacts into my design concepts is a powerful way to breathe new life into these items and ensure their preservation and introduce them into the world in a unique way. By using them physically in my designs, I not only want to create a tangible connection to the past but also make these artifacts relevant in contemporary contexts. Old coins, keys, and bells carry stories and cultural significance, and integrating them into my work adds a layer of historical depth. I want the designs to become a medium to convey the heritage and narratives associated with these objects, forging a connection between generations and ensuring that their value endures.
The exploration of ancient footwear in India is equally significant. Footwear often mirrors the regional and historical diversity of India, reflecting unique craftsmanship and design aesthetics. By researching and taking inspiration from ancient Indian footwear, I want to shed light on a lesser-known facet of my cultural heritage. Through my designs, I want to have the opportunity to reinvigorate these fading traditions, en-suring that they are continued to be appreciated and celebrated.

By unearthing and showcasing these forgotten Indian treasures, we can bridge the gap between generations, fostering a renewed appreciation for the rich tapestry of history and culture that defines India. My thesis endeavors to be a catalyst for the rediscovery of these invaluable relics, ensuring that they remain an integral part of India’s cultural narrative for generations to come. This thesis is a step towards honoring our past and ensuring its rightful place in our future.


Devi Prajapati, born and brought up in India, moved to New York city to study Fashion at Parsons School of Design.

She is a designer that doesn't just want to design stuff but she wants to craft stories. Her passion lies in artistic expression with the threads of nostalgia and touch of luxury. She takes inspiration from the rich heritage of India, using basic techniques and forms as a foundation, but with her own unique twist to create designs that are non-traditional yet deeply cultural.

Her vision is to bridge the gap between generations; becoming a bridge for those who seek a connection to their roots. Each pieces is a journey of discovery, unveiling the hidden treasures of Indian culture and showcasing the multifaceted beauty that lies beyond the surface. She wants to introduce the world to a new perspective on India, one that celebrates its artistic legacy and timeless traditions.