Bay Chaitrakulthong

Fashion Product
Video: That moment, that exact moment, when you realize that sitting still is not an option anymore. You are pushed to take action weather you like it or not.

Wind is one of nature's most potent forces. Like all natural forces, it holds the dual power to sustain life or to snatch it away. What sets wind apart, however, is its invisibility. We can neither predict its arrival nor foresee its impact—whether benevolent or destructive. In response, many choose to remain stagnant, bracing for what may come. I reject this passivity.

Instead, I embrace the moments that propel me from inactivity. I capture the shock, the anger, the sadness, the discomfort, and the disorientation spurred by sudden change—each a response to that unseen, forceful provocateur: the wind.
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Image: rippling ring
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Image: faded ring
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Image: obtuse ear cuff
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My name is Bay Chaitrakulthong, a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Thailand. I am deeply passionate about crafting innovative footwear and jewelry, with a particular focus on material exploration and unconventional design approaches. Many of the pieces I create are experimental in nature. As an artist and designer, my work is profoundly driven by emotions—they are the catalyst for all my creations. I am constantly striving to capture and convey the essence of fleeting emotions, embodying them in tangible forms. This pursuit, while enriching, also presents challenges, as emotions are both the inspiration and the ephemeral conclusion of my creative journey.