Abby Day

Fashion Product


Thesis Statement
Trilogy is a collection rooted in my personal fascination with the number 3. An uneven number that is somehow balanced and symmetrical. My interest in 3 stemmed from a curiosity to comprehend the intricacies of relationships within single-child households. Initially inspired by my own family dynamics, my research journey commenced by translating personal experiences into abstract drawings. These sketches then became a pivotal influence in shaping the materials, colors, and forms of my collection, bridging the gap between personal  introspection and creative expression.  In exploring the paradox of the number 3’s oddness yet visual balance, this thesis further investigates how the principle of symmetry is harnessed in fashion design to create harmonious compositions. By delving into the intricacies of design elements, I aimed to uncover nuanced ways to evoke a sense of equilibrium and aesthetics into each piece.  
Image: A collection handmade with leather, wire, and metals. Designed for anybody.
Image: Trilogy Arm Cuff 3 seperate cuffs designed to stack together in alignment. Aluminum casted 3 point shape with a stainless steel cuff
Image: Washer Harness. Zinc washers thread together with tan leather thonging. Leather used in intervals of 3 attaching at the back with a clasp.
Image: Washer Choker. Zinc washers and leather thonging with a back clasp.
Image: 3HEX hand wovens
Image: Hex Collar. 1000+ Zinc hex nuts woven together with wire. 3 triangle piece pattern with back clasp
Image: HEX tie. 300+ piece hex nut tie hand woven with wire.
Image: Hex Jewlery Piece. 400+ piece hex nut hanging jewlery piece. Self leveling over bust with no closures
Image: Washer arm cuff. 2 piece matching arm cuff set. Leather thonging used in intervals of 3.


About the Artist

Abby Day, a Fashion Product designer originally from Hong Kong, is deeply rooted in her passion for handcrafted creations. With an innate affinity for the meticulous and intricate process of crafting, Day finds herself drawn to the beauty found in handmade products. Her keen eye for detail is matched only by her appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. In her creative journey, she seamlessly weaves together her personality with her dedication to craftsmanship, resulting in designs that not only captivate the eye but also resonate with a sense of timeless elegance and thoughtfulness.