Zoey Liang

Thesis Project - "Becoming Her"

Female Power is what a female usually gets from their mother originally. We learn from our moms and mimic them since we are kids. Mothers’ small actions can affect young versions of us so much that they build who we are right now. We are generally like our moms, especially in the career ambition aspect. In terms of career ambition, mothers serve as powerful role models. Daughters witness their mothers navigating the professional world, overcoming challenges, and pursuing their goals. This exposure instills a sense of possibility and determination, inspiring daughters to pursue their ambitions with confidence and resilience. We inherit female power from our mothers and will also pass to our daughters. This inheritance of female power from mothers to daughters forms a legacy of empowerment, nurturing successive generations of women to embrace their potential and wield their unique brand of female power.
Video: 4-Minute Short Film

Final Looks

LineSheet & Photos
Image: Hand-stitched gathered organza adjustable Dress& Gathered organza wooden Bag
Image: Hand-stitched gathered organza Tank Top& Printed Stocking
Image: Printed Pleated quilted Reversible Jacket
Image: Red Mesh printed Two- Piece
Image: Left- Hand-stitched gathered organza stripless Dress
Image: Printed gathered organza long Dress
Image: Printed oversized long- sleeve Top &Hand-stitched gathered organza Shorts
Image: Organza  Oversized  Top &Dark Blue Mesh Printed  Two - Piece
Image: Reversible quilted Vest&Hand-stitched gathered organza Skirt (/Dress)
Image:  Printed long quilted Jacket

Print Design Work

Using the butterfly element in the old photo as the foundation to design prints.
Image: Print Design Swatch

Fabric Manipulation Work

Using my designed organza prints and imitating the appearance of the butterfly in the photo to make the manipulation.

Process Work

Research & Experiment


Zoey Liang is passionate about breaking boundaries and exploring new concepts, constantly seeking fresh perspectives to integrate into her designs. Her design philosophy is rooted in the belief that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, capable of altering individuals'perceptions of themselves and their interactions with the world. Each collection she releases tells a story, intertwining elements of history, emotion, and contemporary influences.

She has gained work experience with luxury brands, studios, and startups, including Hermes, Leaf Xia, and Snow Xuegao. Additionally, she is a freelance designer and costume director for TV shows and films, having worked on projects such as TV shows for Tengxun, promotional videos, and stage shows for Renmin University in China.

She is an optimistic and active learner, eager to collaborate with fellow creatives and learn from industry professionals. She aims to make a meaningful contribution to the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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Email: Zoeyliang11@gmail.com