Zhuoran Wang


Soft cage

Inspired by the dynamic between parents and children in my family, as well as the exclusive activities we share, the collection, Soft Cage, draws inspiration from particular objects such as harnesses and whistles, along with interconnected patterns. This collection delves into the complexities of the parent-child relationship through techniques like wire knitting and silkscreen printing, complemented by the reconstruction of the upcycling vintage clothing.
Belt design process


Zhuoran (Linda) Wang, Linda is a chinese fashion student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Parsons The New School. Linda specializes in knitwear and pattern-making, consistently pushing the boundaries of wearable art. Her professional experience includes collaborative ventures with supply chains in China and marketing teams in Japan, underscoring her global perspective and adaptability.Fluent in Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and Japanese.