Yulu Paris Zhuang



Yulu Paris Zhuang was born in Shanghai, and raised in Los Angeles, California. Zhuang started to art medias like oil paint, acrylic, and charcoal when she was four, and built the interest in fashion as she grew up.

Zhuang's multi skills in the arts background made her always wonder about the possibilities so can create through the chemistry around all arts and fashion designs.

Passion for colors made Zhuang started fashion design. Then, it became a responsibility. It is a responsibility that is not only to express her colors, but also to express the colors on everyone else in the world. Her first name has the Chinese character of "Yu". Fashion is the “Yu”-Chinese character "Rain". One day, rain is going to shower upon everyone. It will be refreshing and wash out all the colors that people have used to hide themselves.

Zhuang continued to explore her multi culture identity within the designs explorations of the “Yin and Yang” ideology. They presents the use of maximalism and minimalism, femininity and masculinity, and eastern and western culture in her design aesthetic.