Yue Tong Annalyse Fu

Image: By entering into a dream-like, meditative state, I have relied on the spontaneity of my subconscious to guide a collection of illustrations depicting surreal entities of imagination. 

The project “Innri Vist” reviews the results of my intuition through rational, intentional analysis by translating elements in both its entirety and partial components into technical illustrations, materiality, and structural forms. By utilizing the human form as a basic shape towards my designs, the designs become akin to a “second skin”, transforming the real body to something surreal, dystopic,  while personifying entities of the subconscious.I have noticed my captivation towards instinctively distorting human-ly silhouettes into fictitious beings to what may be an extension of our mind, body, and soul.  From this collection of illustrations, I curate a world as a result of my subconscious, to which these entities may are born from. 

During these meditative practices, I am not establishing a final outcome during any phase of illustration. It may be that I start with spontaneous stippling, contour lines, or objects stemming from instinct, to which I allow myself to embrace and continue upon what appears onto the paper.  I am interested in studying the result of my subconscious with an analytical and scientific process through dissection, experimentation, comparison, and realization in the form of a physical, wearable collection.
Image: Initial experimentation with meditative sketches
Image: PUFFER JACKET: An asymmetric 100% down puffer jacket with handsewn cording across each seam. With over 70 pieces, the puffer jacket is formed by abstract shapes with volume distributed to create a symmetrical silhouette.

DRESS: Faux suede dress with detachable floorlength sleeves. A 1/4” illusion mesh separates each panel to create a twirl from the top to bottom.
Image: TRENCH COAT: transparent nylon trench coat with exposed back, functional pockets and floor length belt.
DRESS: Illusion mesh dress with embroidered applique, accented with handbeaded crystals and tassles.
Image: COAT DRESS: Faux suede asymmetric coat dress with contrasting collar and peplum detail. Functional zippers twirl around the body to make bottom skirt and side slit detachable.
SWEATER: Hand-knit uneven cable knit cropped ombre sweater with crochet accents.
Image: VEST: Dual toned asymmetric faux leather jacket vest with accented hip structures. 
SHORTS: Asymmetric shorts with detachable skirt 
BOOTS: Faux leather thigh high boots with detachable drape using magnet closures
Image: PUFFER VEST: Faux leather quilted asymmetric puffer vest with structured hood
DRESS: Ribbed-knit bodycon circular hem dress with detachable hip connection. Treated distressed applique accents form a degrade from hem of the dress towards the top


Yue Tong (Annalyse) Fu is a fashion designer who delves deeply into studying the subconscious through couture techniques. Inspired by philosophical explorations of life, death, and beyond, Annalyse seeks to create an abstract, parallel world that reveals the power of the subconscious.

Through meditative practices, Annalyse creates sketches that blend illusion, perception, and intuition. These intuitive ideas are then refined through scientific analysis, combining spontaneity with rationality to form a wearable visualization. With a focus on high-quality, tailored designs, Annalyse's work includes intricate embroidery and beading, transforming the basic human form into otherworldly entities through a surreal distortion of proportion.

Ultimately, Annalyse seeks to build a world where the subconscious is visualized in exquisite detail, reflecting the dynamic interplay between imagination and reality.

Yue Tong (Annalyse) Fu
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