Yucheng Kang


Axis Mundi

"I think with my eyes and my ears
And with my hands and feet
And with my nose and mouth."
This project investigates the dynamic between subjective perceptions and the objective reality of trees, highlighted by the violence directed towards them. Starting with a personal story about a pomegranate tree planted by my grandfather, I explore how trees are often treated merely as objects, despite the deep meanings some might attach to them. This dissonance is central to my study, prompting a reflection on how things, like trees, exist objectively without inherent value judgments but gain significance through subjective interpretations. This project aims to challenge these perceptions by incorporating objective facts about trees into apparel designs, encouraging wearers to gain a different understanding of trees through artistic expression and design elements such as fabric manipulation and silhouette. This approach seeks to transform how individuals perceive and interact with trees, leading audiences to examine and rethink the violence toward objectivities.


Yucheng Kang combines design and fine art to show her understanding of diversity and her perceptions of the natural environment. She consistently finds a balance between personal perspectives and objectivity in her art creation. Her works often use fabrics and colors to interact with the human body, or focus on constructing wearable sculptures using various materials. Yucheng aims to create art that can be wearable while encouraging the audience to resonate.