Youyun Shang



My inspiration stems from my experiences of relocating to different cities. I've been trying to find a sense of belonging to "home," and these moves were not just transitions from one city to another but also part of my personal growth journey. My research phase begins with recalling my experiences in each "home." During the relocation process, I found myself filling every room of each "home" with belongings, leaving no empty space. I realized this might be the sense of belonging to "home" I've been searching for, and it serves as a spiritual refuge for me regarding family.
One of my silhouette inspirations comes from observing each stage of my "homes." I divided them into the empty spaces and the non-empty space, trace the silhouette and piece them together to form the silhouette. my textile was inspired by overflow, accumulation, entanglement, so my texture inspiration comes from the sense of accumulation generated by different items in each stage of my home and the growth pattern of plant roots, a feeling of starting from scratch, through continuous accumulation and entanglement, to being filled up." That's also why I choose to doing knitwear collection as creating an entire garments from a single thread through knitting is also part of my garments.
Image: Linesheet


Youyun Shang is a fashion designer born in Shanghai. She describes herself as a storyteller, enjoying presenting her personal experiences through artistic works, drawing reflections from her own experiences, and formulating reflections through observing society and the environment. Consequently, her works collectively construct a rich and profound narrative about individuals, emotions, sensory experiences, and ecological relationships. Youyun Shang's works have always focused on fabric development, particularly knit fabrics. She likes to showcase the emotions in her work through fabric textures. Therefore, most of her works are designed to showcase her emotional values through the details and textures of the fabrics.