Yinghui Maggie Zhou



Drawing inspiration from the concept of "supporting characters,” the collection explores the potential of those often overlooked minor characters in life. These supporting roles play crucial parts in driving the story forward but are frequently unnoticed. Similarly, many ordinary individuals possess remarkable qualities that deserve recognition.
Utilizing primarily gray tones, this collection incorporates materials such as reflective yarn and fabric to subtly enhance details. These unique materials contain reflective elements visible under flashlights, engaging viewers and reinforcing the central concept of the design: to involve people in the garment.

With this collection,

the aim is to assist individuals in discovering the hidden highlights beneath ordinary exteriors and encourage the celebration of their unique value.


Yinghui Zhou is a Suzhou and New York based fashion designer and digital artist. Her work takes profound investigation into the relationship between wearable garments and human bodies, transforming conventional garments into pieces that can be activated and respond to stimuli. Her design aims to inspire and engage with her audience, thus empowering individuals to express themselves while communicating with others through the relationships between the garment and the body.

As a designer working with technology-related elements, Yinghui has tried countless avant-garde technologies in her designs. These include temperature-sensitive and light-sensitive materials, 3D printing, reflective fabrics, laser cut sculptural designs, biomaterials, optical fiber, Arduino mechanics, etc. Yinghui's designs were also featured in magazines including Artells and Flanelle, in 2023 and January 2024 respectively.