Yiduo Hua



My thesis is inspired by goldfish. I have enjoyed raising goldfish since I was a child. Whenever I looked at them through the fishbowl, I wondered what the world was like from their perspective. Some people feel that it is cruel to keep goldfish in curved bowls, as they think that because the bowl has curved sides when the fish gazes out it will get a distorted view of reality.  Hawking thought that humans might have a distorted view of what is outside our world and that we might also be in one giant goldfish bowl: “There is no unique picture of reality. The goldfish’s view is as valid as our own.”  We are somewhat like goldfish in a curved fishbowl.

I am also inspired by a book called Deep by James Nestor which mentions that humans have many connections with sea creatures. Thus, the silhouette and color of my collection derive from fish, especially goldfish. I hope when people wear garments that symbolize fish, they can feel the ocean and forget their worries for a while.


Yiduo Hua is a Chinese fashion designer based in New York and graduated from the Parsons School of Design. She is involved not only in fashion but also in fine arts. In the field of fashion, she mainly designs women’s wear and focuses on modern silhouettes and storytelling from the female perspective. She has already made her mark in the industry, winning accolades for her collaborations, which include collections with fashion brands such as URLAZH. Through these collaborations, she continues to push the boundaries of fashion, weaving together narratives of artistry and style that resonate with the modern woman.