Yetunde S.

Video: Creative Direction by Yetunde
Voice Over by Yetunde's Mother
Animated Collage Video by Zoë Fenn
Image: Photography by Robert Yoko Simmons
Models (L to R) Yetunde & Family, Yetunde, Faith & Yetunde
Clothes by Yetunde
Image: Photography by Robert Yoko Simmons
Models: Donovan, Faith, Niara
Clothes by Yetunde


Yetunde Sapp is a multimedia artist hailing from SE Washington, DC, and based in Brooklyn, NY. Her artistic practice ranges from acrylic paintings on canvas to the innovative realms of experimental knitwear. Rooted in the profound art of storytelling, her work is an ever-evolving exploration of materiality and narrative.

While initially forging her path as a fine artist, Yetunde's immersion in the Parson's fashion program ignited a profound passion for textile arts and material expression. This fusion of disciplines has become the hallmark of her practice, manifesting in a hands-on approach that brings cultural narratives to life through vibrant knits and textured masterpieces.

Her creative journey has opened doors to work with those initiatives such as Gucci Changemakers Program, Converse All Stars, Anacostia Smithsonian Museum, to name a few

As she continues to push the boundaries of creativity, Yetunde Sapp invites audiences on a journey of discovery, where the language of art transcends boundaries and speaks to the universal human experience.

This collection was made possible with the support of Michaels Arts & Crafts, Silk City Fibers (Yarns), New Norm Fabric, CESJ Mini Grants, USS Material Fund (and Levita Mondie) !

Special Thank You everyone who lended a hand in any way to create garments!: Niara, Nata, Ondine, Yailenne, Eli, Skylar, Josh, Keely, Santo, Alejandro, Elijah, Matthew B, Eli, Saudia, Tammi, Camille, Maeve, Interspecula, Izzy, Zo, Jack, Greta, Justin, & Chris!

Thank you to Zoe Fenn, Tosin Popoola, Sugar M. Sylla, and Yoko for helping to capture the collection through photo and video!

Thank you to Alanna and Niara for helping with production throughout the entire process

and to my professors Julia and Aina!

(& anyone else I may have forgotten to mention!!!)