Yanru Shen



In the 21st century, the pace of modern life is fast, and people are facing various pressures, including work pressure, study pressure, family pressure and so on. These stresses can take a toll on an individual's physical and mental health, so it's becoming increasingly important to focus on mental health and find ways to relax.

A "Goblin Mode" is a relaxed, uninhibited state. When people feel too stressed or the pace of life is too fast, they can choose to enter the "Goblin Mode" to relieve stress and tension. In this state, people are more inclined to relax and not be affected by external pressures and norms.
Two main inspirations for this collection: one is “a variety of interesting chairs and sofas”, and the other is “egg”.

“Goblin Mode”emphasizes a relaxed, uninhibited state, and chairs and sofas are one of the important tools to achieve this state.

I came to associate "Goblin Mode" with eggs because while doing research, I happened to hear a song called "Fry's dream" by one of my favorite Korean groups “AKMU”. This song compares people to a fried egg, conveying a sense of freedom.


Yanru Shen was born and grew up in Shanghai, China. Shen moved to New York for education at Parsons School of Design in Fashion Design in the year 2019. Shen paid more attention to fabrics than before in the “collection”. Therefore, Shen’s design habit is to do some fabric and material experiments first, then do some draping.

For the design process, Shen always does some research first, then makes a lot of material swatches according to the research, and then do collages and sketches. Shen thinks that the silhouette of a garment is very important because it is also a way to show the designer's personal style and the concept of the collection.