Xinzhi Chen



Ephemeral refers to the fleeting existence of things, with nothing remaining constant or unchanged forever. Inspired by the Wabi-sabi aesthetic, it embodies a pursuit of natural tranquility and reveals the beauty through fleeting time.

This idea also aligns perfectly with Zen's spirits—embracing and appreciating the ephemeral nature of things. In essence, the concept of the ephemeral makes us aware of revealing beauty and meaning in that transience, and discovering peace in life .
Image: lotus prints design
Image: Prints Motif






By incorporating a palette of neutral tones, the designs evoke a sense of history and timelessness reminiscent of artifacts and cultures shaped by the passage of time.
Image: Digital prints show the transformation of the lotus flower at various stages of its life cycle, offering a visual and emotional connection to the theme of impermanence.
An elongated, flowing structure gracefully envelops the wearer, fostering a connection to the elegance and calmness found in nature's rhythms and offering a wearable experience of physical comfort and aesthetic fluidity, aligning with Zen's psychological pursuit of inner tranquility.
Image: Plant-based dyeing techniques, including soil dye and washed fabrics, produce the natural textures and hues on the fabric, further emphasizing the connection to the earth and the natural world.


Designer: Xinzhi Chen

MUA: Shuang Zhou

Photographer: Jialuo Li

Model: Fi Yang

Photo Editor: Sei
Additionally, plant dyeing and mottled colors reflect the beauty of the passing time and life's transience, embodying the aesthetic principle of seeking completeness within imperfection. By combining the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi with the teachings of Zen spirituality, this collection offers a new perspective to understand and appreciate the simplicity and imperfection in life. It encourages finding tranquility and peace amidst the complexity of daily life, aiming for spiritual fulfillment and inner peace.


As an artist, Chen aims to create work that provokes the viewer's emotions and expresses ideas to her customers. She experiments with fabrics to create visually striking pieces that are conceptually engaging. Chen believes women’s wear should be more inclusive and accessible. Chen hopes to explore these concepts through design that expresses individuality.

Chen is fond of construction, avant-garde designs, and elegant designs with sculptural shapes and intangible abstract clothing. Looking to the future, Chen aspires to push herself out of her comfort zone by creating aesthetically functional garments. She aims to practice more on balancing wearable and aesthetics in her designs.