Xinyan Chi


I Think My Plant Can Talk

"Breaking news: Scientists have made significant progress in discovering the sounds of plants. They believe that the radio waves circulating within plants are a breakthrough in understanding how plants produce sounds. According to their research, plants can use electrical waves…”
Have you ever imagined one day we could actually talk to plants? Whenever I walk in nature, I try to converse with everything around me. Sometimes, when I see the fruits on a tree, I feel like they don’t want to fall. They seem scared, like humans. Other times, when I see fallen leaves on the street, I think they must have done something wrong to deserve being separated from their friends and family in the tree. Walking around the city, I wonder if the tall buildings and cars make the plants here feel uncomfortable. Would they choose to live in a city if they could? All these conversations and questions happen in my mind, leading me to wonder when we might be able to talk to plants.

In my thesis collection, I combine actual character identities with my imagination to develop different silhouettes, materials, and functions that serve various needs in this bizarre world. In this world a scientist discovered plants can actually use their xylem to make sound, and a crazy gardener grows the grass who can communicate with her. I hope my collection is like a fiction or storybook, one that makes you want to find your own answers after you close it. I have always believed that nature has its own way of communicating and wants to tell different stories to different people.


Xinyan Chi is a fashion designer based in New York who uses her design language to respond to nature and the environment around her. Xinyan Chi views fashion as a medium for both storytelling and expression. Her design philosophy revolves around weaving diverse materials and innovative functional designs as narrative. Through her design, Xinyan Chi invites viewers into a whimsical world full of imagination. 

Xinyan Chi’s expression extends beyond just fashion design. She also enjoys experimenting with various art forms, such as painting, sculpture, etching, and more.