Xinli Xie



I start with my own fascination regarding the power of nature and civilization: how they are able to destroy each other. In the vast world, a human is weak in the face of natural disaster. but we developed into a civilization that became so powerful we started abusing the environment then lately trying to help it recover.

A Story

Then I came up with my original story that carry through a journey harmonize nature and civilization...
Video: Animated collage to illustrate my story
Image: Part of the design process


To further the concept of harmonizing nature and civilization, antique textiles featuring patterns inspired by natural elements serve as my focus. I develop unique materials through a blend of techniques including laser cutting, natural dyeing,
felting and distressing. Patterns reminiscent of natural elements found in antique textiles are redesigned and recreated using a combination of traditional and modern technology.

3D Development

Apply materials to the body
Image: 3D development for Look#1 Nature
Image: 3D development for Look#5 Witness of Destruction


Final Photoshoot
Image: #1 Nature
Image: #2 Exploration
Image: #3 Antique Alive
Image: #4 Bird fly over time
Image: #5 Witness of Destruction


Having grown up in Xiamen, China, renowned for cultural convergence and an enchanting environment, I relocated to Seattle, WA, at 15, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and diverse cultures. Fashion, to me, embodies the pursuit of human beauty. Drawing from nature and history, I infuse my designs with curiosity, enjoyment, and problem-

solving skills. I propose innovative solutions that resonate with evolving beauty standards and moods. Committed to sustainable fashion, I aim to forge meaningful, emotional bonds between individuals and garments, encouraging long-term wear. Additionally, utilizing natural and upcycled materials further supports sustainability in my work.