Xijia Cheng

Image: In November 2020, I started the Instagram account @animefashion.archives, where my adventure into Nijigen fashion began. Nijigen is a term that means anime, manga, or 2 dimensions. I wanted to be a part of a community where others who share my interests in anime and fashion could come together, so I decided to explore Nijigen fashion. The purpose of establishing this account was to clear all the photos of Nijigen fashion I collected on my phone, however, it went beyond and eventually became the first and biggest platform showcasing anime and manga-inspired fashion. Ultimately, due to the increased tagging and message requests of featuring works, @animefashion.archives became a featuring page with an additional promo service where people can pay for priority posting with website links to promote their anime-inspired fashion products to the targeted customers. My thesis collection is all about my version of Nijigen fashion inspired by @animefashion.archives itself. The collection has zero-waste knitwear garments, accessories, footwear, and garments, using up-cycled materials, gallery posters, electronic trash,yarns from Material for the Arts(MFTA), and broken anime figures from toy factory combined with 3d pattern making and placement prints.
Image: Top with placement print and upcycled broken anime figures from toy factory. The pants is made with upceycled waterfproof gallery poster and leftover fabrics.
Image: Look made with upcycled gallery poster
Image: Made with upcycled fabric and electronic trash
Image: Zero waste fully-fashioned knit dress made with upcyled springs and upcyled yarn
Image: Zero-waste knit dress fully-fashioned knit dress made with upcyled yarn
Image: Illustration