Xiangning Shannon Wang

Garments Design: Xiangning Shannon Wang
Jewelry Design: Xiangning Shannon Wang
Phtography: Honglin Cai
Videography and Production: Yunpeng Wang
Music Production: Ziyi Huang
Models: Dianer Jia, Hanzhi Zhang
Makeup- Artist: Yishuang Zhou
Photoshoot Assistant: Yu Zhang


Xiangning Shannon Wang is a New York based fashion designer. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, she has an inter-cultural background which sets the base for her designs. Her designs take inspiration from the inherent struggle that people bear within themselves and with society. She translates the observation of everyday people and objects into her 3-D making process. Centering around the day-to-day relationship between people and their surrounding environment, her designs aim to visualize the struggling nature toward the goal of finding peace.