Victoria Henderson


Sacred Violence

Sacred Violence is a collection that explores the abstractions of methods of control through Henderson’s personal narrative of power dynamics in religion and ballet. These concepts are paralleled to the control and obedience synthesized by torture instruments in Medieval Europe. The emotional abstractions guiding the designs include the feelings of weight, darkness, tension, discomfort, exposure and pain. Each emotion carries its own narrative and is embedded into each look. Further, the emphasis on restricted movement seen in the torture devices is mirrored by the strict posture and alignment necessary to ballet and the unwavering commandments in seen in the Bible. The collection’s materiality is guided by these rituals thus including wooden planks to exemplify rigidity and contrast the softer materials and emotional elements. Contrasting the historical and memory based ideas, Henderson also includes pieces of their current self and who they have become as a result of their experiences.
Image: i wish to drown...
drown and be swallowed by this sea of tulle
Image: "the rack"
Image: i am contained by the father, son, holy spirit...
Image: "the stocks"
Image: who is in control?
Image: sacred nails...


Born and raised in Southern California, Victoria Henderson is a multidisciplinary artist honing their skills in fashion design. Now based out of New York, Henderson explores their personal identity and queer experiences through their designs. Vital to their creative process, nostalgia and self-discovery are embedded into their work. Currently finalizing their BFA studies at Parsons School of Design, they hope to move forward and push for a more inclusive and explorative fashion industry that inspires creativity over profit.