Stella Yu Zhang


Homebodies' Manifesto

Homebodies' Manifesto is a women's wear collection based on personal experiences yet bigger than just about a single individual.  It's a reflection of personal experiences and a celebration of a lifestyle unbound by convention. Inspired by the ethos of comfort and practicality, each piece in the collection serves a distinct purpose, addressing the often-overlooked yet persistent annoyances of daily life. Rooted in the notion of unrestrained living, this collection invites wearers to embrace comfort without sacrificing style. By exploring the intersection of functionality and aesthetics, this collection dives into the concept of comfort wear, empowering women to navigate their lives with confidence and ease.


Stella Yu Zhang delves into the realm of women's ready-to-wear with a keen focus on functionality and comfort. Her inspiration is drawn from observations of day to day life in the perspective of a woman and an urbanite. Through knitting and functional construction, she aims to portray figures that live with confidence and ease. Stella's work encompasses a diverse range of garments tailored to suit the needs of contemporary living.

She’s interested in knitwear, casual wear, and functional construction.