Sofia Dong

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Sofia Dong is a Chinese designer born and raised in Argentina. Coming from a multi-cultural background and the constant moves from different countries, Sofia's designs became more than mere garments; they were a means of expression, a way to navigate the ever-shifting landscapes of identity and belonging. Her designs surround different storytellers weaving tales of identity, displacement, and the transformative power of clothing.

In her fashion career, she advocates for the importance of environmental awareness by reducing waste through the usage of 3D tools such as CLO3D, and color dye. She is also interested in print developments as they are a unique form of personal expression as well as experimentation.

Sofia will continue to create narratives of adaptation, transformation, and the enduring power of the human spirit and reminds us that fashion is not just about what we wear, but about who we are and the journeys that shape us.

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Instagram: @ssdg_art