SoEun Hyun


Aruku Omoide (walking memory)

The collection “Aruku Omoide” (Walking memory) draws inspiration from personal nostalgia and the artistic representation of space in 'Home within Home, 2019', as well as the architectural mobility of the 'Archigram' movement. By transforming fixed notions of space into fluid concepts, I seek to materialize nostalgic memories into wearable, portable forms. This journey began with a longing for childhood memories upon returning to my homeland, and was further influenced by experiences of separation and cultural displacement. Time, once thought to be eternal, proved to be finite as I experienced separations I never imagined due to frequent relocations and two periods of studying abroad. Through these experiences, I began to develop a stronger attachment to the times and places of my childhood. This attachment stemmed from the tenderness of parting without proper closure. And  I began to feel even more attached to the concept of 'spaces' from my past memories. Through the juxtaposition of contrasting spaces and the visualization of weightless memories, my collection aims to transcend traditional boundaries of space and time. The two main “places” I feel attached that inspired me throughout the whole collection is The neighborhood hot springs I used to visit with my mother every week and the kotatsu dining table in the living room where my entire family would gather and chat - these two places encapsulate the times of my childhood. The collection aspires to evoke emotions of warmth and familiarity, offering a portable sanctuary of nostalgia in a world of constant movement and change. Ultimately, I aim to evoke the innocence and joy of childhood through wearable,carriable, portable representations of personal memory.


Soeun Hyun, a South Korean native who was raised in Japan, is a New York City-based fashion designer. She initiates her design process by capturing the essence of movement and silhouette, often commencing with paper draping before manifesting her vision into physical creations. Soeun is particularly passionate about integrating fabric prints that she personally paints on physical paper, eschewing digital methods. She revels in working with layered fabrics to delve into texture and color extravagance.

Soeun’s creative expression transcends mere design; She extends it to tactile exploration of surfaces, experimenting with an array of fabrics and materials. Her work employs a diverse palette of colors, serving as a conduit for her artistic vision.


mobile: +1 (910)-235-9009

Instagram: soeunhyun0130